Samsung, which has seen an extremely rapid decline in its sales recently, is now considering a massive restructuring of its management, as per a Wall Street Journal report. (via Android Central)

As per WSJ, the first major shake-up in management would come in the form of Co-CEO B.K. Yoon assuming the responsibility as the head of Samsung’s mobile division. This division has been long headed by J.K. Shin, but recent slump in its device sales have triggered his departure. It is still not clear whether Shin will be asked to resign, or be handed a different portfolio.

As per WSJ.

In one scenario under discussion, co-chief executive and mobile head J.K. Shin —who had presided over Samsung’s rapid ascent as well as its recent tumble in smartphones—could be moved out of his role overseeing the mobile division, these people said.

The internal restructuring, the details of which could still change amid an ongoing annual review, would be a sign of Samsung’s attempts to find its footing after a brutal year in which third-quarter profit fell 60% amid market-share declines in smartphones around the world.

Apart from major changes in the management, Samsung is also looking to consolidate its business in various regions, specially in North America and Europe. Samsung North America president Gregory Lee has already begun the consolidation of mobile and consumer electronics business.

In Europe, the position for a mobile head is still vacant. The job, which was earlier headed by Simon Stanford, was then given to Robb Orr, due to Simon’s resignation as a result of poor sales. Robb too, left after just two months as head, thus leaving the position vacant again.

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