Yesterday, we told you that Motorola will be rolling out the latest Android iteration on its second-gen Moto-G, even before Google does so on older Nexuses. Well, looks like Google has taken that pretty seriously.

Google has now started rolling out update to the latest Android Lollipop version, though the rollout may be slow, considering the fact that it took Google three weeks to completely roll-out previous android versions.

So what was holding back Google from launching the latest Android ? Well, many reports have suggested that some last stage battery issues popped up before Google, which hence delayed the roll out.

The good news is,  Google has just released the factory images for the Nexus 5, 7 , 9 and 10  (no news on Nexus 4 though). So if you consider yourself good enough at hacking your way round the Android SDK, go on and fire up Android 5.0 on your device, using these instructions.

But this time too, Google’s rollout isn’t very smooth. Android 5.0 will be rolling out, but in waves, and may take a while to come up to your device. Moreover, at this point of time, even if you go to Settings and keep pressing the “Check for Update” button, your device will possibly show that it is up-to-date.

This is because, unless your device has been given a green light by Google (a process which is painfully slow at times), it will not update to the latest Android.


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