Android users have been venting out their frustration over Google’s Hangouts, which used to (and still does) open SMS messages by default. Well, promptly addressing those concerns, Google has now launched a standalone messenger app, which will now open all your text messages, at one place.

Though Google has launched a new standalone “Messenger” app, there is nothing very cool about the same. It is just like your old-school texting apps, albeit, wrapped up in Google’s latest Material Design.

The new app has regular features like sending/receiving texts, grouping them up into conversations, or starting a new thread. There’s a call button available, if you wish to call the person whom you are chatting with.

Once installed, all your SMS and message threads will be transferred to this new app, after which, Hangouts will no longer come in between you and your messages.

Though it is a welcome move, but the co-existence of both Hangouts and Messenger seems a bit confusing. Meanwhile, you can download this new app from the Play Store.

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