Google is celebrating the success of India’s hugely popular Mars mission, Mangalyaan, via a doodle. Google’s current doodle shows, the word Google written with an image of Mangalyaan, replacing the first ‘o’.

With a doodle on Mangalyaan, Google further complements the popularity and the text-book precise success, which India’s maiden interplanetary mission has achieved. The mission, apart from being a success on each of its technical manoeuvres, has also seen extreme emotional attachment, with every Indian out there.

It has put India into a select club of nations, to have reached Mars, the only nation to do so at its maiden attempt, and also the first Asian nation to achieve such a feat. The mission was launched last year, and completed its almost seven months long journey to Mars, without any sort of hiccups.

The small spacecraft, which carries a payload of just 15 kegs., recently sent some breathtaking, high definition images of the Martian surface. It has also been tweeting and chatting with its colleagues up there,which includes crafts sent by NASA and ESA.

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