Bringing an end to the long lasting confusion, that created when Microsoft acquired Nokia, but still kept selling “Nokia Lumia” phones, Microsoft has started re-branding its Windows Phones to just “Microsoft Lumia”.

The re-branding procedure starts from France, The verge reported. This re-branding procedure, after starting from France, will move across the globe, with replacement on all social media platforms and entire online presence.

Removal of Nokia name, and continuation of the Lumia brand name, will help Microsoft in re-establishing a lost brand of Windows Phone. After all, Lumia is the one, which gave (whatever) recognition Windows Phone got, in its early days (and even now).

This re-branding, will thus end the last series of mobile handsets, to ever bear a “Nokia” name, something, which may turn out to be an extremely emotional moment, specially for Indians (including me). Nokia, almost single-handedly, ruled the mobile devices market, for almost a decade, before succumbing to the freshness, brought in by Google’s early-stage Android platform.

As a result, the Nokia name, in handsets, degraded to a point, where it had now become a liability to the parent company, Nokia Corporation, resulting in a sell-off to Microsoft, for a mere $7 Billion. The amount is mere, considering Nokia, when it was in its full glory.

Nokia, will still exist as a separate entity and will continue its Networking businesses. Microsoft is expected to give a huge marketing push, once this re-branding takes centre stage.

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