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After Google’s dismal earning report yesterday, Google’s stock fell over 5 percent and it closed yesterday worth $354.77 billion. At the same time, Microsoft, which is yet to show its earning report, closed at $352.17 billion, making it an intense dogfight between the two internet giants.

Though Microsoft and Google are battling it out, Cupertino giant Apple and Exxon Mobil are still worth more than Google and Microsoft. All thr four firms, when stitched together, have an astounding Market cap of $1.5 Trillion.

After yesterday’s dismal earnings report show, Google’s stock nosedived by 5 percent, falling a further 1 percent on today’s opening. It then pulled up by a fraction, while Microsoft opened up at 1 percent in green. Today, Google opened worth $357.05 billion, and Microsoft $356.13 billion, keeping the internet giants, on a neck-to-neck competition for market cap dominance.

At the time of writing (20:18 IST), Microsoft’s stock was up by a marginal $0.67 (1.57%) and Google’s stock was down by $4.23 (0.81%). We’ll update yu on who wins the race, once the trading for today closes.

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