As per Taiwanese manufacturers, small volume shipments of Apple’s 12 inch MacBook Air have begun, though large volumes will still be shipped by November only.

Apart from this, an interesting manufacturing change, which Apple is bringing about, is in its Logo printing technology. The silver 2-Dimensional logo, which is present on Apple’s devices, including the iPhone6, is now going to get 3-Dimensional.

As per manufacturers, Apple is now using  laser cutting and unique embedded technologies to make the logo 3D-like and shine at the edges. The new logo will start making its appearance on all Apple devices, from 2015, starting with the upcoming, iMac.

Apple is expected to host a special launch event today, but it is uncertain whether the new MacBook will be launched today or not. What’s certain, is the launch of two new iPads, as confirmed by the “official leak” yesterday, and the public release of OSX Yosemite, Beta 6 of which, was recently seeded to developers.

Stay Tuned, as we will blogging today’s launch event, LIVE.


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