The first social network for many, Orkut, finally reaches its end date i.e. 30th September 2014. For about half a decade, Orkut was a top social network in India and Brazil. 

Marissa Mayer, said,

If you go to those countries, they often think that Orkut owns Google. And you talk to people in Brazil, they’re like, oh, Google, you mean the subsidiary of Orkut ?

After the failure of Orkut, Google came up with the Google+, which too ha not been able to withstand the popularity of Facebook, twitter and Pinterest.

But the forgotten Orkut keeps the promise of preserving all the pubic photos, scraps and the communities. You can save your photos to your computer using Google Takeout till September 2016. And the public communities will get added to Google’s archives once Google dumps Orkut.

Google’s continuous failed attempts to enter into the social networking space have raised a certain question, after this sad but obvious demise of Orkut, will Google+ have the same fate?

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