Google Y

Larry Page finally wants Google to make everything now as they look forward to start new Projects to reduce challenges that human face and how they can overcome them by using Google 2.0.

According to The Information, Larry Page hasn’t yet created the Google Y research lab, but has proposed the idea. Google Y will focus on even longer term programs than the current Google X, which looks to support future technology.

They will also take on long term projects like building more efficient Airports and model cities. Short term goals have also been under discussion during Google 2.0 meetings, including Page’s determination that location tracking should be precise “down to the inches” so you can identify the ones who are closer to you. Larry Page also wants to remove Passwords era which is also insecure and to replace it with Biometric Security (potentially provided by the sensors embedded in smartWatches).

Larry Page has impressed by bringing up plans to make the world safe by making it more advanced and by solving “Death”(which Google’s Calico medical company is tackling), and has convinced investors to believe on him as he looks determinant on these projects.

SOURCE : The Information

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