Some 4.9 million gmail usernames and passwords were recently published on a Russian Bitcoin Forum on Tuesday.

The event was first reported by Russian website CNews. But, upon further inspection! it was found that the leaks as not as hazardous, as it has been made to look by the publisher.

The publisher of these passwords, a user names tvskit, has claimed that 60% of the passwords were accurate. But, on further infection, it was found that many of those accounts published, were either duplicates or suspended.

most of the password leaked are related to English, Russian or Spanish accounts. You can go to to check whether your account is one of them. However, we would not recommend you to go the site, rather, we would advise you to change your password.

Although users have nothing to worry bout, Google has still asked users to switch on the two-step verification process in their gmail accounts. Gmail’s two-step process is one of the most secure password serious, which allows users to set up two password. One of them is texted to user’s device, depending upon which device they have registered with Google.

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