As the day of the Apple’s Mega event comes closer their are new rumours coming out. The latest being that
Apple’s iWatch will support the third-party apps from the Apple store pre-installed, out of the box.

According to a report, Apple has seeded out the pre-release version of an Apple SDK for wearables to a high

profile app developers. The SDK for wearables will utilize core iOS 8 features. But the highly awaited iWatch
will not be available in the market until the beginning of 2015. Apple is probably giving developers sufficient time
to get their apps ready before the device launches.

The Wearable will have lots of sensors that will track blood , sweat and motion along with that a NFC chip
for mobile payments with Apple’s rumoured iWallet.

We are just a couple of days away from Apple’s official announcement. Stay tuned for our Live blog.

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