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HTC will not be launching its Smartwatch

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We have seen  a flood of SmartWatches recently at the IFA with Samsung Tizen , LG , Sony , Motorola  , ASUS.

But according to a new rumour, HTC won’t be launching its new SmartWatch at the IFA. It was expected from the Taiwanese Giant to launch one, along with these manufacturers. HTC might have pulled off the release of their first smartWatch due to high price , lack of differentiation and due to increase in the number of competitors.

HTC was about to reveal two smartwatch named HTC WWY and CWZ.  The WWY was expected to feature a 1.8 inch display with 32×160 resolution combined with a battery of 100 mAh. The watch was rumoured to be water-resistant. On the other hand , their was not much information on HTC CWZ but that it was supposedly running on Android Wear.

This decision makes perfect sense as there is pool of smartWatches in the market and HTC supposedly did not have anything special in their smartWear.

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