Motorola, after this sudden re-birth (as soon as Google sold it to Lenovo) has seriously created ripples in the Android industry. Consider this, just after Motorola showcased its circular dial Moto 360 on Google I/O, LG and (now) Samsung are following the suit.

It looks like both LG and Samsung have literally forgotten that they already launched a “non-circular” dial smartwatch in Google I/O this year. This is because, Moto 360 become so hugely popular due to its appeal, that first LG and now Samsung, are running after the circular dial appeal.

Folks at Sammobile have leaked some fresh pictures of Samsung’s upcoming “circular” dial, Gear smartwatch. Not only this, Samsung is also planning to provide a SIM card slot in the watch, thus making it a cellular smart watch.

Also leaked, is the fact that Samsung will reportedly launch this watch along with Galaxy Note 4. Just to give you a heads up, Samsung is also working on a VR headset.

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