We actually do not know whether to applaud Facebook for bringing in such a move, or lash it for violating user choice. Facebook, in 2014, has finally decided that “click and bait” are not liked by it users.

First, you need to know, what exactly click-bait is. These are those kind of posts, which dupe you into the fact that they are going to be something awesome, but once you click and see, you are shattered, and frustrated and burnt down. Because it doesn’t show, what it actually told you it will.

Such posts, have had been a regular feature in Facebook posts. This is because, once a user got baited in, it appeared on their friend’s timelines and so the cycle kept on repeating itself, thus making an entirely stupid and irritating post, popular. This had been used by many websites, to increase traffic.

But still, deciding on its own, as to which headline is a click-bait and which is not, this doesn’t sound convincing to us. To this, Facebook has the following explanation :

When we asked people in an initial survey what type of content they preferred to see in their News Feeds, 80% of the time people preferred headlines that helped them decide if they wanted to read the full article before they had to click through.

As far as the mechanism which Facebook will employ is concerned, you can read it here.

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