As expected, Xiaomi’s Power Bank variants are now up for pre-order, on Flipkart. Xiaomi is expected to employ the same retail strategy it employed for Mi3 sales.

The two variants, which are available at Flipkart are of 10,400 mAh and 5,200 mAh respectively. These power banks can be easily carried as portable chargers.

As per Xiaomi’s claims, the 10,400 mAh variant can charge the Mi3, approximately 2.5 times, an iPhone 5S, 4.5 times and an iPad Mini, 1.5 times, on a single charge. Also, it can be fully cahrged in 5.5 hours.

The 5,200 mAh variant can charge the Mi3 once and an iPhone 5S twice. It is highly portable, taking its size into consideration.

You can pre-order the Power Banks here.

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