As per an Economic Times report,  Amazon, which announced its prime air service in December last year, may launch it first in India, even before the US.

The prime air, hasn’t been received well since its very announcement because of its plausibility in current scenario. Moreover,  Amazon is finding it extremely difficult to get regulatory compliance in the U.S. to fly drones.

This is one of the major reasons why Amazon may launch its service in India first. India, as of now,  has no regulatory rules which ban the use of privately controlled drones.  Private drone operators do not seek permission from the Civil Aviation Ministry.

As per ET sources, the testing could start as early as Diwali. The location for this testing might be Bangalore.

These drones can carry a weight of upto 2.6 Kgw., which covers 86% of Amazons products. Also, Amazon has designed these drones so as to deliver an order in less than 30 minutes.

We’ve mailed Amazon for their comments.



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