Wearable device is definitely becoming the trend these days. With bigger brands like Motorola, Samsung and Sony already releasing their smartwatches, game hardware designing brand Razer, will release its own band in October this year.

News from several sources have confirmed that Razer will be releasing Nabu this October. And, as has been the trend with most brands these days, Razer too seems to be targeting the Chinese market.

Razer has reportedly tied up with Wechat and Tencent to incorporate social networking and mobile gaming functions. This is possibly the first such tie up. Apart from this, many gaming studios are already developing games, specially for Nabu.

These gaming studios include the likes of HalfBrick Studios, Wargaming, Techland and Shortbreak Studios. Apart from this, Razer has also opened up the developer SDK for Nabu for free, in order to attract more developers.

When talked about the device, Razer said that the device can easily connect to Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android Platform. Th wearable band offers a 5-7 days battery life if kept idle and is certified to IP54 water-proof standards.

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