Last week, we told you that Activision might be planning to revive the long dead, legendary gaming brand, Sierra. Activision has now confirmed the news in Gamescon this week.

As far as the revival is concerned, it is not “back with a bang” sort of revival for Sierra. This was evident due to the fact that many of the long time, founding ,members left the gaming brand years before it completely shut down.

As far as Activision’s announcement is concerned, Sierra will now be more of a publisher rather than the development brand it used to be. May be Activision has started with a slow and steady revival process and may bring back the development side to the brand later.

Also, as of now, they’ve announced two titles in the works so far: a new Kings Quest and Geometry Wars 3The new Kings Quest will be built by indie dev house The Odd Gentleman. Kings Quest will start shipping sometime in 2015 whereas Geometry Wars 3  will launch this year itself.

Activision’s plans to re-launch Sierra this way, ahs been received well by gaming experts and analysts. We think, after a careful 1-2 years of revival, you “may” see the developer Sierra, though not what it was back in its glory days.



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