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A  new world record is set in Data transfer with an outstanding speed of 43 Tbps from single optical fibre. The fibre used in this technology consist of seven core(glass thread) instead of the single core used in standard fibre.

Danish researchers from Technical University of Denmark claim it to be their invention and have surpassed the record of 32 Tbps, earlier under the name of Germans. DTU team aimed at solving the problem of data traffic which is estimated to grow 40-50% annually while demonstrating their latest  world record.

The new record was set with the new set of optical fibre which is borrowed from Japanese giant NNT.

Despite the fact that it comprises seven cores, the new fibre does not take up any more space than the standard version.

The researchers’ record result has been verified and presented in what is known as a ‘post deadline paper’ at the CLEO 2014 international conference.

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