After a resounding success in the Latin American and European market, Mozilla is all set to set foot in India with its firefox OS powered smartphones. This was confirmed by Mozilla’s COO, Gong Li.

As per the company COO,

Mozilla will launch a series of inexpensive Firefox OS smartphone models in the India market in July, with retail prices of up to US$50

Mozilla, had earlier launched their smartphones in July 2013, in European and Latin American markets. The success of these cheap yet responsive smartphones can be judged by the fact that Mozilla sold over 1 million units of these.

Mozilla has been able to cooperate with only 1-2 mobile telecom carriers in each country in the two regional markets, but will instead cooperate with more than 10 retail chains in India, Gong indicated.

Mozilla, in successful collaborations with China based Spreadtrum Communications, has brought down the production costs of a ₹3000 ($50) labelled smartphone, to just ₹ 1500 ($25), an industry insider reported.

In addition to this, Gong also added that Taiwan-based Foxconn Electronics and VIA Technologies have participated in developing  Firefox tablets, and Panasonic plans to launch Firefox smart TVs.

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