It was an exciting first day at the E3 expo. Microsoft gave us “glimpses” of its much talked about Tomb-Raider game. EA showed beta version of a Battlefield game, named Hardline. Ubisoft was the showstopper, with FarCry 4 & Rainbow Six : Seige  announcement.

Here’s a list of all major announcements of the Day :



Microsoft in its conference, released a 90 minute presentation and a short demo on the famous game Call of Duty (Advance Warfare). They also talked about the Halo 5: Guardians (which is the combination of other 4 Halo’s). Microsoft didn’t discuss about hardware improvements of its Kinect feature. They also glimpsed Tomb Raider which is to be launched in 2015.



EA’s major edition during this year conference is about the games, Battlefield. They have launched a beta version of Battlefield known as Battlefield Hardline, which is playable on PC’s and PS4. EA also did some talking about the Sims 4, which includes more fun, engaging interactions with each other. The game is set to be released in September 2, 2014. They also ensured production of Star Wars Series with DICE.



Ubiosft’s major announcement is the release of Far cry 4.  The big reveal of the press conference was Rainbow Six: Siege.  The violent teaser showed a group of four SWAT-type soldiers helicoptering in to a house to stop a hostage situation. The game is due to be out next year.




Sony talked about a lot of games and the hardware improvements in its PlayStation 4 (PS4).  They included the light-hearted LittleBigPlanet 3, a next-generation update to the popular platform that adds new characters to the LBP world. The games are made by Media Molecule, a Sony studio. They also showed footage from the next-gen port of 2013 Game of the Year The Last of Us, out for PS4 on July 29.


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