After Years of delays, Samsung has finally revealed its first Tizen Phone: The high-end device Samsung Z will feature a 4.8 inch Super-AMOLED Display and a Quad-Core-CPU.

The phone will comprise many of the innovations known from Samsungs High-end Android Phones Galaxy S4 and S5, and will be running Version 2.2.1 of Tizen. The 4×2,3 GHz-Quad-Core CPU of Samsungs first Tizen Phone, together with 2 GB of RAM, is a solid statement, that Tizen is meant for the high-end segment of the Market. The 4.8 inch Display on the other hand does  70-445 not have the same Full-HD resolution like the Galaxy Line, but is limited to 720×1280 pixels like Samsungs Galaxy S3 from two years ago. This may help to keep the cost low for getting some market share.

Samsungs new Ultra-Power Mode for keeping the phone alive as long as possible even when the battery is almost empty, will also be available. The phone will support all relevant phone networks including LTE (Cat 4), WiFi-n with 5 GHz, NFC and Bluetooth 4 BLE. 70-446 Its battery will have 2600 mAh which should deliver about 9 hours of calls.

The phone will be on show at the Tizen Developer Conference, San Francisco from June 3rd. Sales will start in Russia beginning this summer, other markets may follow but haven’t been announced yet.

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