I am sure many of windows phone users must have experienced the unavailability of whatsapp from windows phone store, well, there’s good news now .With the “combined efforts” of WhatsApp and Microsoft, WhatsApp is about to come back and will be available for download which was abruptly pulled back due to some “technical issues”.

The efforts are being made by both the companies to bring the application back on the windows phone store. According to Microsoft ,”Whatsapp chose to unpublish their app from windows phone store after discovering an issues with how notifications are being handled windows phone 8,Update 3″.

WhatsApp is back and ready for download with an updated version 2.11.490.0 which includes:

-Chart Backgrounds

-Broadcast lists

-Privacy Settings(settings>account>privacy)

-Media auto-download settings(setting>chat setting>Media-auto download)

-Custom notification tones(windows phone update 3 required)

-Various enhancements and bug fixes

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