Remote Robotic Oxidizer Transfer Technology

According to the latest update NASA has introduced new satellite navigation technology i.e. Remote Robotic Oxidizer Transfer Technology which is to provide better weather observations and satellite orbit services .The ground breaking technology is recently launched by the collaboration of NASA’s Kennedy space Centre , in Florida and Goddard Space Flight Centre ,in Greenbelts which is supposed to add additional years for the satellite services.

Hypergolic propellant Transfer System is being designed ,developed and critical quaification testing is being performed by the Engineers at Kennedy.According to Pepper Phillips, NASA’s director of Engineering and Technology at Kennedy, the Florida spaceport’s skills in preparing vehicles for launch now are leading to its employees being asked to support development of in orbit satellite servicing capabilities.Hypergolic propellants such as hydrazine and nitrogen tetroxide are the most frequently used fuel and oxidizers for maneuvering satellites in Earth orbit.

Kennedy expertise from processing and launching spacecraft developed at other centers and has branched out to become a part of the designing process of a flight propellant transfer system for the in orbit satellite servicing project.

During February 2014, SSCO demonstrated that a remote operated robot – could transfer oxidizer into the tank of another orbiting spacecraft not originally designed to be refueled. Kennedy’s propellant transfer system was an essential part of this Remote Robotic Oxidizer Transfer Test, or RROxiTT. The remotley controlled Robotic arm is attached with the SSCO oxidizer nozzle tool to connect propellant fill and drain valve on satellite servicing panel.

Downstream, the Kennedy-provided propellant transfer system and hose delivery assembly flowed oxidizer through the tool into the client fill-drain valve, with all hardware located in the PHSF in Florida.

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