Source : gigaom.com
Source : gigaom.com
Source : gigaom.com

The new wireless technology unveiled by Quantenna Communications will be capable of delivering speeds of up to 10Gbps over the air.  They call this new Wi-Fi technology as “10G Wi-Fi”.

The new Wi-Fi technology is likely to be introduced in 2015. Quantenna Communications has announced earlier that it will launch a new chipset next year that will make the “10G Wi-Fi” possible!

The company is already known to supply hardware to companies like AT&T, Belgacom, France Telecom, Swisscom, Telefonica and DIRECTV.

“Quantenna’s 8×8 architecture with adaptive beamforming demonstrates that the ‘massive MIMO’ promise of significantly higher throughput, robustness, and reduced interference can be realized in practice,” said Andrea Goldsmith, Stephen Harris Professor of Electrical Engineering at Stanford University. “This architecture will also significantly enhance the capabilities of MU-MIMO, allowing it to support interference-free transmission to many more devices simultaneously.

These technology advances will transform the landscape of applications and devices that Wi-Fi can support. As we move into an era of exponentially-growing video usage and the Internet of Things, the 8×8 architecture and MU-MIMO technologies will become essential in all high-performance Wi-Fi devices.”

Wi-Fi today, is not just a convenience. People expect it to “just work” even with the demanding applications like HD video streaming. With Quantenna’s 10G Wi-Fi, they will always get the performance they expect-even as their expectations continue to rise!

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