India joins other a select few foreign nations, where in-flight use of PED(portable electronic devices) is permitted for the entire duration of the flight.

Up till now in-flight use of mobile phones was not permitted even in flight mode. But with the new rule, phones and laptops can also be used during take off, taxi as well as landing. This rule was made in other foreign countries years ago, its good that Indian government has also accepted this proposal by various airlines.

Mobile calls still cannot be received, but various foreign airlines are going towards satellite modes of communication, enabling passengers to receive calls during the period of the flight. But this service is still not available in India.

All the Indian airlines welcomed this decision, and the director of SpiceJet said that now we need not worry about passengers using phones in secrecy. Though this is an important decision made by the government in lieu of technical advancement but it is viewed that even fights will not be peaceful as people will again use their mobile phones and spoil the serenity of a flight.


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