In an attempt to save money and also working towards a greener future, the Dutch government has decided to implement the winner of the “Best Future Design Concept” at the Dutch Design Awards of 2012.


Dutch designer Daan Roosegaarde who was the creator of LUMINICENT POWER, was intended to be basically used only for major ROAD SIGNS, such as a snow warning road sign that would glow up when the outside surroundings reach a critical temperature.

But that concept has been improved and it was applied to 500 meters of road the past week. This was done to kept intention of cutting up night lamp costs and also to save electricity. The roads turned out to be very bright and safe, when they were tested on a 500m patch. The paint soaks up energy from the sun during morning and they glow in the dark when the sun goes down.

Major concern of this method is that, the paint would fail to glow if there is any physical obstruction on it such as snow etc. But the Dutch government reported that glow in the dark roads were not a bad idea and they are still interested in applying such a method if would be fool proof.


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