Apart from the ongoing court battle between Samsung (read it as Google) and Apple Inc., the battle has now opened on yet another front. As per a Sunday report by Wall Street Journal, Google and Apple are offering featured space to game developers on their respective app stores, in return for exclusive titles for their platform.

Wall street Journal, on Sunday, published a report, which states that Google and Apple have been offering game developers, a spot in their featured titles list, if the developers launch the game exclusively for their platforms.

As per the report, Google, the Internet search giant has lined up deals similar to Apple’s, offering prominent app store placement for titles that integrate Android branding.

As per AppleInsider, In August of 2013, Electronics Arts Inc. reportedly agreed to deliver popular strategy game Plants Vs. Zombies 2 on Apple’s iOS some two months before launching a version for Google’s Android. In exchange for platform exclusivity, Apple promoted the title in iOS App Store banners and featured games lists.

Amazon is reportedly following the same suit as Google and Apple, by offering prominent space in its app store to game developers.

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