With a rise in  3rd party apps for anti-theft and mobile tracking, many mobile manufacturers have agreed to include a default kill switch. This mechanism aims to give users full control over their device, even when it is lost.

As a part of an initiative taken by the leading phone manufacturers, a remote kill switch will be a default feature in all the devices manufactured after July 2015. This will be a global kill button which will enable the user to wipe their data remotely.

Currently, Apple,Samsung,HTC,Google and other handful of other companies have now currently agreed to this feature. The user will also be able to recover his data, in case he finds his lost device.

Making a remote kill switch as a default feature will be better, because there are already many apps present which provide anti theft mechanisms but many are known to have bugs and it also leaves the user in jeopardy, to select the correct app that will work.

With a default application, directly coming from their smartphone manufacturer, these confusions in user’s minds would be reduced to a large extent.

Although it is still too early to say whether this “Kill switch” will prove to be a hit or a flop among users. But this certainly, a welcome step.

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