Lets geek out ! @Google I/O
Lets geek out ! @Google I/O
Lets geek out ! @Google I/O

Google’s annual I/O conference is soon going to commence, and as it has been the case every year, there’s much anticipation as to what is it going to be this time. Google Developer’s blog has given us a good hint though.

The title of the latest blog post reads out, “A conversation about design“. Nadya Direkova, the Staff designer says, “At Google I/O this year, we will have sessions and workshops focused on design, geared for designers and developers who are interested in design. We’re looking forward to exchanging ideas with you both at the conference and online afterwards.”

 Google’s focus on design is pretty much evident in today’s scenario. Web designing has taken a giant leap forward, when it comes to designing. The changes can be seen in Google’s homepage itself.

Though it still remains the same white page with a search box and few buttons here and there, but the change in designing is evident from the modular feel which the website has now got.

Flat UI is the trend these days. Web designers around the world, are giving customers, flat UI based websites. All the major websites around the world have shifted to flat UI. Be it major technology websites or social networking.

The far reaching influence of flat UI design can be seen from the very fact, that Microsoft designed an entire series of its new operating systems, keeping flat UI in focus. It is clearly visible in both Windows 8 and Windows phone 8, how widely flat UI has affected their UI designs.

In its latest series on design, “Google design minutes”, Google is going to share some key learnings with you-from Glass, Maps and Search.

To kick off the series, Google has currently launched 3 videos for the series, and there are many more to come. Google I/O registration is going to end in 2 days, so get yourself registered, and if lady luck shines bright enough on you, you may be a witness to one of the most awaited and anticipated conferences of the year.

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