google glass

This Tuesday anyone in the United States was able to purchase Google’s latest wearable venture, the Google Glass or “The Wearable Computers”. There was a point when Google told Media that they might extend the sales by a week , but later in the day decided the other way.

The product was available from 9AM ET on 15th April with a price tag of $1,500. All the off-white frames were sold out within hours. Until this sale , only 10000 units were in the hands of the people selected by Google.
Google has said that if all things went well they will bring this product to main market later this year.

The much awaited update for this device is set to roll out later this week. The update includes Android latest version that is KitKat support with improved battery life and removal of video call feature.

The update of latest Android version will allow the developers to use the most recent SDK to create apps. Google also announced recently Glass development Kit. This update will also improve the battery life.

Google has decided to remove video calls because they were not upto “high standards” and they have planned to reinstall it later when the experience will be better.Their will several other small updates with this big update.


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