Getting a client is half the job. But how to become a real professional and build trust? This question is of particular importance for all areas of business. It’s a simple truth: no loyal customers equals no sales. Of course, there are strategies made to trick people into buying something from you, but, most likely, they will feel your attitude and never return again.

Market analysis shows an interesting thing: it’s much more profitable to sell to regular customers than to attract a new audience every day. What are the best ways to do that? We have collected 13 of them.

State Your Values

To build a rapport with your clients, you need to share values. A study of 7,000 U.S. consumers found that 64% think of shared values as the main reason to buy from the company.

If you want your customers to be loyal, let them know what’s the driving force behind your brand. It is crucial for them to understand that products and services are created by real people, with their own guidelines, goals and priorities.

Provide Amazing Customer Service

It may seem quite obvious, but it’s great customer service that builds trustworthy relationships. Basically, this is what sets you apart from the competition.

First of all, you need to listen to customers’ needs and respond to their requests on time. Your company representative should always be in touch with the clients. Make sure your email address, phone number, and company social media pages are available so that the customers can always reach you.

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Build a Community

These days, social media platforms offer so many opportunities that it’s essential to use them not only for advertising, but also in order to build a community. When one feels a sense of belonging, they are inspired to create content, share impressions, and leave feedback. Ask customers what excites them about your brand, or what, from their point of view, needs improvement.

Stay in Touch

Email is one of the easiest ways to be in contact with customers. When they make a purchase, ask them to share their email addresses so you can inform them about new products. This information can be used to improve client satisfaction.

Personification is also necessary – address the clients by the name, congratulate them on their birthdays, offer themed discounts. Perhaps, they’ve been your customers for one year – isn’t it a good reason to celebrate? Such emails won’t hurt as they help create an emotional connection.

Social Proof

Social proof is a psychological phenomenon that occurs when people determine their behavior when analyzing other people’s. In simple words, we often rate a company by how others treat it.

To use social proof, share one of the things mentioned below:

  • Expert data and/or statistics from a trusted source;
  • Approval of influencers;
  • Customer reviews on various sites;
  • Attitude of other clients (the famous McDonald’s banner ad “Served over a million guests” is a wonderful example).

Work Better Than Clients Expect

Experts often claim that companies should promise less and do more. It is very easy to follow this rule. For instance, if you promised a customer that you will call them within 24 hours – call in just 4 hours, if you have a chance. That’s how you exceed their expectations.

Admit Your Flaws

Mistakes can happen at any moment, being a disappointment both for a client and a company. Don’t make excuses or overreact when customers tell you about the problems. Instead, use every chance to sort out the situation and do your best to help.

Employees Do Matter

Employees play a key role when gaining customer trust. Those who fit the corporate image and share their experiences of working for you are of great value. Make sure employees are well-trained for the job and have all the tools to deliver quality customer service. They must be knowledgeable enough to answer any customer question.

And here is the main thing: their goals should be the same as yours.

Encourage Clients

If you want to give the customer a reason to come back, get them interested. You can simply provide a discount on the next purchase or let, say, the sixth purchase be free of charge.

Ask Questions

How do you know if customers like your product or service or not? What do they think of your brand? Obviously, without this information, it’s hard to change something.

When clients buy something, ask them to leave a review through the questionnaire sent by mail or on your website. Just keep in mind that it should be short. Make sure it takes no longer than 1-2 minutes to complete.

Offer Something Helpful

Worrying about the sales and discounts only seems boring, right? There are many non-standard product promotion opportunities, especially when content marketing is on top. For example, if you run a DIY store, you may make step-by-step guides. If you have a bookstore, offer a selection of books and recommendations. In the case of a clothing store, it might be cool to share stylish looks or write about the latest trends.

Be Flexible and Use a Personal Approach

Each client may have problems. Let’s say your store provides a chance to return the product within a month, but the client could not meet this deadline because of family issues, being away, etc. You can meet them halfway and still give a refund.

Loyalty Program

Do not limit yourself to the usual customer reward system. Better start a loyalty program:

  • Create a system for getting points which can be later exchanged for a gift;
  • Team up with another company for some kind of campaign;
  • Reward longtime clients with presents.

To Wrap It Up

Getting clients’ attention and building strong ties with them are two completely different things. According to many investors and entrepreneurs, increasing consumer confidence should always be a top priority for the business. We hope our tips will help you stay in touch with your clients and lead to mutually beneficial cooperation between you two.