Apps have made everyday lives so much more convenient. Whether you are looking for an antique lamp or doorstep laundry services, an array of products and services are just a tap away.

For many, driving is a liberating but nerve-wracking experience, especially if you are driving in a new city. That’s why apps like Google Maps have become essential for navigation. In this post, we’re sharing our top app picks for drivers. Let’s dive in.

1. Up Your Navigation Game

Google Maps and Apple Maps are popular options when it comes to navigation apps. But another app that’s giving these apps a run for their money is Waze. Apart from usual navigation, this app delivers real-time rerouting based on user-submitted data. Whether there is a hidden police car or an accident, this app can help you avoid traffic and hazards.

2. Fight Traffic Tickets

Nobody wants to pay for an unfair parking or traffic ticket. WinIt is an app for traffic tickets. You can find and dispute your traffic tickets without any hassle.

3. Easily Locate Gas Stations

Running out of gas is the last thing you want when you’re driving in the middle of nowhere. Download GasBuddy to easily locate nearby gas stations. Additionally, the app also helps you find the best gas prices in the area. You can enjoy significant savings in terms of fuel costs.

4. Find Charging Stations

Alternatively, if you drive an electric car, then PlugShare is a must-have app for you. Unlike gas stations, charging stations are not that easy to come by. This app not only helps you easily locate charging stations all over the world but also delivers real-time availability.

5. Go on Spontaneous Road Trips

Driving in bumper-to-bumper traffic is no fun. The real joy of driving is going on a road trip. If you are not much of a planner, Roadtripper will make sure you have the best time. This app does everything from planning your itinerary to collaborating with other users.

6. Find Mechanics

Your car unexpectedly breaking down is any driver’s worst nightmare. And the situation is even more inconvenient if you are driving in an unfamiliar city. Download RepairPal to find top-rated mechanics in the area. Moreover, this app gives you estimates for specific repairs so you don’t get ripped off.

7. Keep Up with Routine Maintenance

Changing oils, checking tire pressure, and other routine maintenance are necessary to keep up your car’s performance. Otherwise, you’ll end up paying for costly repairs. We understand that remembering to get your car serviced can be a hassle. Auto Care is an app that sends you reminders to stay on top of your vehicle maintenance.

8. Track Vehicle Maintenance Costs

Car maintenance and repairs cost money. Drivvo makes it easy to keep track of all your car-related expenses. Knowing vehicle maintenance costs can be quite useful for budgeting as well as filing taxes. The app eliminates the need to manage paper receipts.

9. Making Parking Easy

There are a few things as frustrating as trying to find a good parking spot in a busy city. Parkopedia is the app for you. Using this app, you can find nearby parking spaces along with prices.

10. Convert Phone in Dash Cam

Whether you are being pulled over or another driver is driving rashly, a dash cam comes in handy to provide video evidence. However, if you don’t have the budget for a high-end dash cam, you can convert your smartphone into one. Smart Dash Cam quickly turns your phone’s camera into a dashcam.

11. Avoid Distractions

Texting while driving can be dangerous for you and those around you. Download LifeSaver to avoid getting distracted by smartphone notifications. This app disables the phone while driving and informs your selected contacts when you’ve safely arrived at your destination. This is a particularly useful app for teen drivers.