For WoW Classic, the classes you’ll get to pick from are chipped down to 9 as opposed to 12 in the retail. Remember that this is based on the early years of World of Warcraft, so expect that there will definitely be some cutbacks from the current WoW that we know today. With the remake underway, it aims to rekindle the desire of players to grind for WoW gold and go back to the old days where late nights were tirelessly spent in the hopes of leveling up your character.

Here’s everything you need to know so far about the classes in WoW Classic so that you can familiarize yourself with all the class options as well as all the important game mechanics.


Ah yes, the go-to choice class of every WoW enthusiast. The Warrior is perfect for folks who want to get into the endgame as quickly as possible. Back in the early days of World of Warcraft, this class was hailed as one of the best tanks with the Protection Warriors build. The Warrior’s strength lies within the gear that they’re on, so expect late night grinds if you want to find the perfect items for this class. Perhaps the greatest con that might turn off newcomers is that the Warrior is the hardest class to level up. Your patience and time will be rewarded, though, when you’re able to find the gear that you want and you manage to hit the level cap. The Warrior is one of the strongest classes in WoWto date.


The Druids are a versatile class in World of Warcraft—with three talent trees. While you can be a simple healer for your party, you’ll get plenty of options to choose from while still in the process of leveling up. The Druid has three talent trees: Feral, Balance, and Guardian. Though Feral and Balance Druids are more desirable due to their Innervate and Rebirth abilities, the Guardian talent tree makes for a pretty good tank Druid as well. Another cool thing when choosing the Druid class is that you can change into various animal forms, making the task of traversing the world is an easy one.


Out of all the classes, the Mage is perhaps the most popular class in World of Warcraft. With its ability to farm WoW gold with ease, it’s really no wonder that players ended up abusing this class just so they could farm up on gold quickly. With their ranged DPS off the charts, they also have tons of utility. By choosing this class, you’ll be able to use portals to travel to major cities, conjure food and water, and earn gold while doing it! The downside to this class is that, at times, you’ll have to play a specific talent specialization in certain raids. There are a lot of mages as well, so you can expect a lot of competition!


The best healer in all of World of Warcraft, the Priest has a whole slew of healing and defensive spells that can be used in various scenarios. Being the healer, you’ll easily be able to find groups and guilds to join because, come on, every party needs a healer! You can also expect random invites from other players coaxing you to join them. The alter ego of the Healer Priest, the Shadow Priest, is considered to be one of the best duelists in the game, crushing enemies with their massive damage spells while healing their allies. By being great PvE and PvP healers, you will have no trouble fitting it in any group.


Some players refer to WoW as World of Roguecraft, and it’s all because of this class’ existence. The Rogue is one of the most popular classes in WoW classic, and with good reason. With a variety of crowd control abilities and burst damage that can one-hit KO an opponent, the Rogue class also has stealth to deal with other factions. Choosing this class can take a toll on your WoW gold though, as additional resources such as different types of poisons, vanishing powders, and more are required.