The meteoric rise of Elon Musk seemingly knows no bounds and when the news that he was set to take over social media conglomerate Twitter emerged earlier in 2022, it seemed to be the natural trend for one of the world’s leading entrepreneurs.

However, the seamless transition for Musk and Twitter is yet to happen, with plenty of outspoken protesters making their opinions over Musk’s suitability to be in charge of a mainstream media outlet abundantly clear.

On the face of it, Musk would of course only provide positive growth for Twitter, pocket option reported.

A celebrity in his own right, Musk is revered the world over for his innovation within the motoring industry and his fearless attitude would be seen as promoting the Twitter brand, in a way that hasn’t been done before.

However, Musk does have a reputation for doing things his own way and that approach to what is supposed to be a completely independent platform, is a worry for the concept of free speech via social media in the Western world.

The intrigue around the so-called takeover of Twitter however, continues to manifest, with no concrete decisions made by either party.

Former Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey has continually kept his cards close to his chest throughout the proposed takeover, but speculation abounds that the Musk acquisition of Twitter is imminent.

However, with nothing confirmed, the topic continues to fill column inches all over the world, across a range of business and trading outlets.

One of the sticking points around the Musk takeover, is believed to be around the growing number of fake and spam accounts currently on Twitter.

With the ‘keyboard warriors’ frequently out in force, Twitter, as with many social media accounts, is a smorgasbord of content and deciphering how much of it is true is often somewhat of a minefield for users of said platforms.

For Musk, the prospect of a company he is buying and taking over being propelled and financed by potential fake news outlets is potential business suicide and for a man who famously looks after the bottom line better than anyone, he won’t want anything to jeopardise his business empire.

Cynics surrounding the Musk takeover have also questioned the ulterior motives that he may have at his disposal, particularly surrounding Tesla, and his other business ventures.

The lack of independent regulatory body within the social media sphere often makes it very difficult for outsiders to penetrate one of the biggest growing markets on the planet.

However, money is famously no object for Musk, and he would be naïve to not look to enhance his own business potential – through the medium of Twitter.

Consequently, his ethics and rationale for looking to acquire Twitter have naturally been called into question, something as yet, Musk has been able to rebuke.

But with no concrete decision made by either Musk or Twitter and a rather handsome $44 billion on the line, there looks to be no quick solution to one of the biggest business sagas of 2022.