Elon Musk is considered to be the kingpin in the world of technology innovations and substandard approaches to the working process. Nowadays, his name is associated with the technological giants, which gain more influence worldwide: Tesla and its automobiles, SpaceX and its shuttles – it is quite a long range to count! Hence, we would like you to know more about globally crucial inventions made by Mr. Musk and his companies, and also put a great emphasis on those which attract the attention of the world community. So, let’s look through!

Sometimes we may dream of making a video call with a friend from the African deserts or Amazon rainforest. At the same time you think: “How is that possible these days if there is no Internet connection”. Well, the Starlink Project is a cure to that issue. Surely, the World Wide Web can become even wider than we may think of it. Namely, the Starlink satellites already being constructed will be supposed to resolve the problem of lack of accession to the Internet.

It is experimented in the United States and, probably soon, the Starlink net will be spread to other continents. Hence, the development of the Global Internet is possible and Musk has a desire to realize that. So, it may be possible that in future students will write history essays on the foundation of the Internet 2.0. Fortune favors the brave!

Tesla Motors: Cars From the Future

It’s doubtless one of the most renowned names, which gives us an association of modern, progressive, futuristic, and convenient. An electric car that can be recharged with solar energy and which can cover a lot of ground for the time, Tesla autos are the kind of vehicle everybody wants to purchase and even sometimes live in. It has a wide range of functions, and moreover, the auto-lovers may consider this car as a “wheeled computer”. Not only Elon, but also top programmers of Silicon Valley were involved in the development process. The fun fact is that Elon Musk was not the founder of the company. However, he was the one who implied the innovations and brand-new initiatives, which made Tesla a premium-class sedan. It is also worth mentioning the efficient auto-pilot system: the video, where a Tesla car detected the wheel disattached from another car has become viral.

By the way, you have probably seen the “notorious” presentation of a Cybertruck — a new Tesla offspring, which was planned to have a 100% impenetrable glass (spoiler: they screwed up with a first version). Nonetheless, it is announced that it will have a distance capacity of over 800 km and a qualitative solar battery. The Cybertruck has already received the title from Elon Musk — “The Official Mars Pickup Truck”.

SpaceX: Dragons and Falcons

Outer space has become a brand-new world for humanity to explore and open new objects. Frankly speaking, it is quite impossible without logical thinking, a creative approach, and, for sure, the latest technological achievements. Flying to space is good, but how to remain there for a long period if you possess a large company that has ambition, resources, and sharp-minded workers? That is how space exploration has become the next mission of Elon Musk. When he sold one of his first start-ups, PayPal, to eBay in 2002, he decided to accumulate resources for such a colossal project. Firstly, they constructed the easy class carrier rocket named Falcon 1 and soon — the medium class Falcon 9. Their main feature was that they could be utilized several times even after the primary launch. After that, a newer version of Falcon rocket was created — Falcon Heavy, the goal of which in the future will be to deliver spaceships. Speaking of spaceships, it is worth mentioning the SpaceX Dragon — a shuttle, which is employed to deliver supplies to the ISS and in reverse. Soon it will be a transport for plenty of people. Thus, the dream of having a space bus is becoming more and more realistic!

Hyperloop: Super Sonic Speed

Dynamism is one of the advantages of transports and logistics. What about creating a train that may deliver people from point A to point B in minutes or seconds? Guess what: Elon Musk has already given this initiative an “in dev” status. The Hyperloop is a vacuumed train suggested by our hero in 2013 and which, in fact, was already tried in 2020 by citizens of Nevada state. Its mechanism is quite simple: single transport capsules will move through the overhead pipeline, the pressure in which is reduced almost to a vacuum. Very revolutionary, right? Moreover, Elon Musk announced that Hyperloop is a gift to the whole world, and many countries and companies seized the opportunity to make citizens’ lives better and increase their pace. And we all know that the faster we accomplish our tasks (even while being a student and using, for instance, the Superbgrade services), the more time we have for further “discoveries”!