Canada’s growing technology industry has been impactful on all aspects of society throughout the country. It is a growing source of economics for the country, as the sector is providing more jobs, producing more research and development, and facilitating the shift towards a more connected online world.

The Shift from Offline to Online

As the world moves towards a more online and connected digital era, business and trade are adapting to move with it. There are examples of a range of different offline businesses utilizing the growth in technology to move to online platforms. Online retail continues to grow massively with many businesses now operating online only, especially in the clothing sector. Growth can also be seen in the gambling industry, with online casino in Canada becoming increasingly popular. Gambling companies have been able to utilize technology like RNGs in order to operate games like roulette online, in addition to still operating physically.

Innovative Research and Development

Technology is being constantly researched within Canada and technological development is something that is starting to be focused on more. The Canadian government have announced that they will be investing in clean technology startups, in a bid to create more environmentally friendly tech businesses. The Minister of Innovation, Navdeep Bains, has declared that the government will invest 24.8 million dollars across nine startups that will help push the focus on sustainable tech businesses. The start-up businesses will receive the funding via Sustainable Development Technology Canada (SDTC), who are an organization that helps Canadian companies produce, research and develop clean technology solutions.

The funding for development in clean technology businesses shows the progress that Canada’s technology industry has made and the direction that they are looking to go in. The aim for more sustainable solutions will allow for more economic opportunities and will help to reduce Canada’s carbon footprint.

Tech Sector Job Opportunities

Another major positive impact of Canada’s technology industry is the number of jobs created. Over the past years, technology industry employment has continued to rise within Canada, with large tech firms expanding and a larger number of online startups being created.

The shift towards online has created more opportunity for people looking to get into the technology industry, as operations are becoming more far-reaching.

The Rise of E-commerce

The advances in the technology industry have paved the way for e-commerce businesses to be able to thrive in today’s market. Shopify, an e-commerce website builder, has become a well established international giant and has been able to become incredibly successful thanks to the advances in technology that allow it to run so efficiently.

The Growth is Set to Continue

The impact of the tech industry worldwide has been huge, and the case is the same its impact on Canada. With positive steps towards economic growth and sustainability, the tech industry looks set to continue to grow within Canada. There are countless examples of businesses and industries that have been able to thrive due to technological advancements, and there is no sign of that stopping with the shift towards the online world continuing.