The upcoming Olympic Winter Games in Beijing is right around the corner as there is less than a month to go until it begins on February 4, 2022, however it could be an edition of the Games that is a little different to anything that we have ever witnessed before.

Naturally, the sporting spectacle has since undergone a number of changes with the addition of a number of new events, which is likely to build an even greater appeal amongst fans and sports betting enthusiasts, as they will have noticed that the Unibet online sportsbook in NJ has already listed the odds for many of the new disciplines.

However, it is not only the fact that there are a number of new sports to have been added to the schedule that will change the shape of the two-week bonanza forever, though.

Indeed, with the continued advancement in technology and the innovations that continue to be made, it would not come as a surprise if we were to see the Winter Olympic Games be changed forever in the future.

What technology has been made available and how has it impacted the event?

Athletes set to benefit immensely

Fans will want to see the athletes representing their countries in the best possible condition as they will want to see them perform in their chosen discipline to an optimum level that will help them be in the best position themselves to obtain the gold medal.

Indeed, one way in which athletes can reach their peak level is by staying as healthy as possible, and with the air quality concern in Beijing and across China, technology seems to have come to the rescue.

The 2022 edition of the Winter Olympics will see a number of air purifiers be strategically placed where they can work effectively in making sure that the athletes can obtain as much fresher and clean air as possible, which could then help them to perform to the best of their ability as they would not have been inhaling potentially harmful air.

If the technology works, it would not be a surprise if we were to see it in other countries where the sporting event is to take place in the future, regardless of whether the air quality is of a high or poor level. Additionally, these machines could benefit fans and those in attendance too, which could have a positive impact on things such as crowd levels in the future as more may be inclined to attend.

AI will play a huge role in the future of the Winter Olympic Games

In addition to strategically-placed air purifiers, athletes will also be able to benefit from improvements to artificial intelligence (AI). This technology can be found almost everywhere around the world and it perhaps plays a bigger role than many might initially think it does.

For athletes, AI is going to help them compete at the upcoming Games in a variety of different ways, with each ensuring that they can perform and compete at an optimal level.

One instance that Beijing will make use of AI is via the use of 5G tech, as this will be implemented into a smart car which will then be able to detect if the ice that is used for certain sporting disciplines is at the right condition, thus ensuring the most competitive action is possible and potentially reducing any controversies that may occur due to possible human error.

Additionally, AI will also help an athlete to prepare better for their events by helping them to train certain aspects in a better and concise manner, as the individual will be able to pinpoint what they need to work on in order to try and have a competitive edge.

Lastly, AI technology will also play a huge role in making sure the athletes are at their prime and peak physical condition by helping them with the science behind their bodies. As we all know, elite-level athletes put plenty of strain on their bodies when they compete, but the introduction of things such as Micro Pressure oxygen enrichment chambers and other medical equipment could help them to recover faster and ensure they are ready to compete so quickly after they train hard or compete in a heat.


It is clear that the athletes that compete at the upcoming Winter Olympic Games and those that compete in editions in the future will benefit from the innovations and development in technology recently, especially as it can all be used to try and help them maintain a peak physical condition that will allow them to be at the optimum when they take to the snow or ice. Additionally, we have not even mentioned how technology will have helped with the equipment used or how the sporting event will be made better for viewers around the world, either.