Wherever you work or whatever is your interest, you will almost come across how data is changing the world. Generally, data is another word for information. This information could be a part of the study helping to cure a disease, boost a company’s revenue, or build more efficient systems. 

A gigabyte contains a plethora of information. What if you lose this data? It sounds like a nightmare…  right? Data loss is actually an error condition in the information systems in which information is destroyed by failures or neglect in storage, transmission or processing. 

The data can be lost through a virus attack, files are formatted, damages of hard disk or through RAW Partition recovery etc. There can be many ways through which data can be lost.  Sometimes you delete the files thinking that they are of no use but after some time you realize that you need that deleted file. Now the technology is advanced enough if you lose your data from any device then the EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free is the solution to this problem. 

The updated version 12.9.1 of EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free is a minute piece of data recovery software that will fascinate the IT Professionals and the other people too. This version is easy enough that everyone can use it to restore their lost information. It is an All-In-One free data recovery software for different loss situations. 

As you know that the software is available for both Windows and the Mac version and helps to recover all types of lost and accidentally deleted files. You can get the 50% off link for the Pro version of Windows now 

The 12.9.1 version is the  Free Edition and is a capable performer, which can recover data from your hard drive, USB drives, memory cards, and other storage devices. The software is compatible with all formats of files including FAT, exFAT, NTFS, NTFS5, ext2/ext3, HFS+. The updated version is fully functional and now you can restore about 2 GB of data from any device. Also, this version can do any type of data recovery including from OS crash recovery to lost partition recovery. EaseUS data recovery software supports more than 200 file types containing a document, photo, video, music file, email, etc. 

The entire recovery process in this version is just three clicks away and there are two flexible scanning modes Quick Scan and Deep Scan. The Quik scan searches for deleted files and folders using a basic algorithm for fast results and the Deep Scan is used to scans the storage device sector by sector to ensure recovery results. It also has the feature of previewing the files once before the recovery so that you can select the files which you want to recover to avoid the unnecessary recovery.

In this version all types of files including audio, video, emails, and compressed files, etc. EaseUS data recovery supports at least 8 Mb of data and supports all the operating systems from Windows 2003 to Windows 10.  The minimum disk space required by the EaseUS Data Recovery software is 32 MB and supports the CPU of 1 GHz. It also translates languages like English, German, Japanese, Spanish, Polish, Chinese(traditional), etc and the software is used in about more than 160 countries with a high rated performance. We have an amazing response from our users from all over the world. 

Here is the Guide To Save Your Lost Data-

  1. Select the location where the data is lost and start searching. 
  2. Scan the system to retrieve your lost data. EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard will quickly scan and list all files in the selected location that were simply deleted or emptied from the Recycle Bin. Another scan will occur automatically by searching the entire data area of your storage device. 
  3. Ease Data Recovery Wizard allows previewing all the files following the scan. You can filter the files according to the location.
  4. There are two additional tabs for your lost files: Lost Partition and Guess You Recover. 
  5. After file filtering, previewing, and selecting all of the important files that you wish to recover, press the ‘Recover’ button to immediately get your data back. 

The Pro version of Ease Data Recovery Wizard software can delete the unlimited amount of data. The package of the PRO version is available in $69.95 and $99 for PRO + WinPE. While buying the package of the software all the online transactions are safe. 

EaseUS Data Recovery wizard software is amazingly popular in all over the world and nearly 30,000,000 users recover their lost data through it. Now your lost data of about 2 GB is also safe with the upgraded version 12.9.1. 

Over 60,000,000 users have downloaded the top partition software and it manages the disk space and make the most out of your computer also can do anything on the disk like resize, clone, recover lost partition. Not only the recovery of lost data it also manages the backup of your data and works efficiently in any environment whether it’s your home, office or school anywhere. 

The main task of Ease Us is to get the best data management solutions and offer a series of programs and utilities that help you to organize your data well and make a 100% safe digital life. 

The software is designed in a way so that we can help anyone who attempts to keep their data safe. From high professionals to home users, enterprises, organisations, professionals, academic users, technicians and service operators, etc.