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  1. Real money jackpot won on a mobile device
  2. The same wonderful casino games for money with fantastic accessibility
  3. Join the portable revolution
  4. Conclusion

Today, the Internet is not a luxury, but an integral part of the life of each of us. And few people in modern conditions oppose technological progress, from messages in instant messengers to large purchases in online stores. Well, in the circles of lovers of gambling, more and more people are discovering a mobile version of the casino as a format of a fundamentally new level of quality and comfort.

Real money jackpot won on a mobile device

Several years ago, the lucky winner won a colossal top prize in amount of 3.1M USD, by playing in the Mega Fortune progressive slot classics made by NetEnt. The jackpot was won on a mobile device! A prize of several million USD is not an epic news, but the fact of winning in online casino on a phone is quite interesting. This jackpot marked as the largest money payout in online casino to date, and there are all signs that portable devices is the beginning of the new trend in online casino industry. Most of the operators of online casinos for money report that the profits increase thanks to portable gadgets.

Due to the widespread usage of portable devices in user’s day to day tasks we can see now a large increase in interest in portable casino games for money.

Some of the flagships among the smartphone devices has more horsepower than the 5-year-old desktop computers. With so high compute power on your palm you do not need desktop PC to play casino games anymore. In case you didn’t knew – half of the web traffic comes from portable devices! The technology of the past cannot compete with the ease-to-use that people request today. Web casinos are not an exception, if you want to stay afloat in this business you need to keep up with the times. Thus, owners of the casinos created mobile versions of almost all casino games for real money, now you can play any game in your mobile web browser or by downloading an online client app. Please note and be aware! Do not load any applications from third parties – this may harm your phone or tablet; you can lose all your personal data! Always check feedback on the product you about to download.

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The same wonderful casino games for money with fantastic accessibility

The ability to take part in online casino games at anyplace in the country in just a couple of moments would be incomprehensible a several years ago. However, this is precisely what the portable casino applications give us. You can play your favorite casino games anywhere you want.

HTML 5 and Flash (please note Adobe Flash will be unsupported by Google in 2020) allow developers to customize players’ favorite table games for phones. In addition, using casino applications, you can get a comfortable game even at low Internet speeds. The identical excellent visuals and characteristics still the same, but today the whole thing has become a slightly extra portable.

Join the portable revolution

iGaming on smartphones is gaining momentum. Gaming is becoming more adaptive, improving the quality of the interface and other interactive features. Having registered once, you will be able to play for money from various portable devices and quickly withdraw funds won. It does not matter if you’re a fan of Android or Apple devices, hundreds of the casino games accessible now.

There are even casino games available for the Apple Watch OS. Although we are not too sure that playing roulette on a screen no larger than a postage stamp may be convenient, but we definitely sure that gambling became much more accessible these days, you no longer required to travel to make a few bets on roulette or drop a cent into the “one armed bandit”.


Difficulties can arise if you own an inappropriate or outdated model of mobile phone. For example, BlackBerry does not support the mobile version of some gambling portals (needs to be tested), and devices on the Symbian OS “pull” only primitive Java games. In order for the downloaded applications not to “crash”, you need to choose a sufficiently powerful smartphone or tablet.

You also should take into consideration that the quality of communication plays an important role. You can connect the package with unlimited access in the 3G / 4G coverage area or use Wi-Fi (but be careful with public networks). If the speed is insufficient, spectacular slot machines will “hang” and lose connection with the server.

Thanks to your phone, you can play for free or for real money anywhere you want!