Starting an online business is as easy as having a device with internet access. Facilities like drop shipping further eliminate entry barriers which makes it possible to start selling instantly. However, a major concern is streamlining the online payment process. This Macropay review considers the best alternative payment methods for online businesses.

Alternative payment methods (APMs) can be bank transfers, pre-paid cards and open-data-technology powered e-wallets. These APMs allow businesses to accelerate their digital transformation and expand into new markets. However, with a wide variety of options to choose from, identifying the best alternative payment methods can be tricky. Here are a few tips to get you started.

Find one that suits your business

Businesses are as different as their owners. While two businesses can offer the same services, they will never be identical. Things like methods, styles and customer care make each business unique. For this reason, it is important to find an APM that suits your business model and style.

Consider things like future growth plans and scaling up. Do you want something optimized for your current needs or would you prefer an APM that you can grow with as you scale up? These are all important points to consider when choosing an alternative payment method.

Location matters

Online businesses are decentralized and can sell from anywhere and to anyone. However, clients are not decentralized. In fact, studies show that people prefer using local alternative payment methods that they are already familiar with. As such, an online business owner needs to consider where the clients are located and their preferred APMs. If your business is across markets or you plan on expanding to other locations, it is important to consider this as you look for the right alternative payment method.

Due to the complex legal requirements for each APM, it is easier to integrate a payment gateway that offers several payment methods under one contract like Macropay. This makes it easy for online businesses to accelerate their growth and expand across borders without the headache of onboarding each payment method one by one.

Security features

Another important factor to consider when selecting an alternative payment method for your online business is security. Digital payments are particularly vulnerable to fraud and scams, thus making online security vital. It is important to consider things like encryption and double factor authentication. Asking questions like How does the APM store data? Is the data encrypted? Does the APM offer insurance to cover losses due to fraud? These should all be answered.

Notably, if your preferred alternative payment method does not offer cutting edge security features, you can also consider using a payment gateway like Macropay. This will allow your business to use your preferred APM without fear.

Review in Conclusion

In review, Macropay offers tailor made solutions to help your business integrate the best alternative payment method. Some leading alternative or local payment methods supported by Macropay include giroPay, iDeal, MULTIBANCO, eps, Bancontact, and more.

To learn more about finding the right alternative payment method, visit their website.