The ongoing pandemic has created unprecedented situations the world over, where millions of people have found their day-to-day routines completely altered with no preparation, and no options rather than going online to vent and find some sort of a distraction. One situations that many of us have found ourselves in is being unable to come in contact with friends and family due to the social distancing rules which are meant to curb the spread of Covid- 19. As a result, many people have had to put up with excruciating boredom.

Online gaming has probably evolved more in the past few months than it has in a decade, thanks to the whole world being shut indoors with nothing but an endless supply of bandwidth. The current increase in online gaming is directly linked to the social distancing rules set by the World Health Organization and other relevant bodies in response to Coronavirus. The forced quarantine has had the most positive effect for online gaming websites, where people are spending more time playing video games in social isolation.

Mental Effects of Online Gaming

The benefits of online gaming have been mostly positive, because for the most part, this offers a way to disconnect from an otherwise stressful set of events that started with a global pandemic and led to large-scale economic problems. People are therefore using this time to connect with friends, share personal time with close relatives and loved ones, and of course, using video games to pass time. There are scores of websites and mobile apps that allow people to play games against other remote players online, and this is just one way that people have been using their time indoors.

Here are five popular online games to keep you busy during this time:

The types of games you find online today range from simple family-oriented games, such as kid games, to more mature casino-type gaming that involves money and gambling. The range between these games is wide and you will find a gaming website or platform for every time of player or age-group. Here are the most popular gaming platforms:

  • Online Casinos: This has become one of the most popular online gaming platform during the Covid- 19 lockdown. It is offered by a range of premium casinos like They create a platform that has hundreds of different games that you can find in a traditional casino, but with the benefit of playing remotely, where you can be assured of privacy and safety (especially during a health crisis). Online casinos are played by adults only, where you can spend real money and stand a chance to make a buck.
  • Candy Crash: One of the most popular mobile games of the past few years, Candy Crash continues to attract players from all over the world. Find out all the different ways you can match those candies and puzzles for a win! The best thing about this type of game is that it is suitable for all ages, and may actually help the younger players build cognitive skills over time.
  • PUBG: If you’ve been paying attention to the gaming world, then you most likely are familiar with PBUG; however, if you haven’t tried multi-player games before, this popular battle royale platform will give you a chance to fight for your survival in a fascinating island in the company of 99 other “survivors”. It’s a fun way to venture into a fantasy world and ambush enemies as you learn to formulate quick winning strategies, stay a step ahead of your rivals, and basically remain the last person standing.
  • Clash of Clans: This is a combat-oriented game perhaps for the more advanced player, or just anybody who wants to be more engaged in their gaming platforms. It will actually let you build an entire village and train your own warriors so that you can go into battle and kick some butt! The battles are epic and the scenery is just out of this world – which makes it the perfect escape for millions of players. Clash of Clans is also a multiplayer game so you can link up with your best buddies online to fight those fire-wielding wizards together.
  • Ludo King: If you didn’t play the board version of the game, no worries; you will enjoy the online version because it’s just as interesting and addictive. This is a classic game for the whole family – and you can play at home with your family, or online with other interested players.