No question having insurance is a very valuable thing to have. It doesn’t matter it is health insurance, car insurance or even Mac insurance. It’s always good to know that if an accident happens there’s coverage to secure your valuables. And while good insurance tends to comes at a costly price, it usually tends to outweigh the cost of any accident that you would have had to pay, if you don’t have any coverage. And one of the best forms of coverage that you could ever give your Mac is AppleCare.

For those unfamiliar with it, we’ll break it down. It is essentially insurance coverage for any Apple devices that you may own. As we stated, any number of unexpected accidents can happen, some may involve accidental water spills, accidental drops, etc. In such instances, it is always advised to have some sort of protection installed prior to the incidents. This includes purchasing a laptop stand or even a MacBook case. These accessories are very valuable as they can help reduce the risk of severe damage on your Mac, incase an accident ever does happen. For example, by purchasing a laptop stand from a reputable brand like Lention, which makes some of the best macbook accessories, you can securely keep your Mac stable on any desk or workstation. This is important as it helps avoid any accidental drops, slippage or breakage. Plus, they also offer adjustable angles and height to accommodate any form of work or play.

Additionally, it never hurts to also get a MacBook hard-shell case. Or a waterproof laptop sleeve either. They will ensure that your Mac is double-secure from any accidental hard impacts. And also give it some level of water-resistance. Moreover, if you are constantly on the move with your device, they are the perfect accessories as remote working tends to increase the risk of an accident.

However, sometimes even after taking such precautions, some accidents can end up being more severe than expected. As such, we’re going to dive into what AppleCare coverage is. After all, the decision whether or not you should get this coverage is up to you. But, this should still help you make a well-informed decision, as to whether you should purchase one or not.

What is AppleCare?

It is a coverage plan that protects all new Apple devices upon purchase. In most cases, when you purchase a new Mac or iPhone for example, the device will come with a one year warranty. However, the AppleCare protection plan extends that coverage for a longer period. This is usually a very good offer, especially when you are making an expensive purchase, eg. a MacBook. It will normally cost you about $270 for a 13 inch MacBook and $380 for the larger 15 inch model. If you opt to take this coverage, it will extend your Mac’s warranty to 3 years. Plus, it comes with technical support included.

Moreover, this coverage also applies if you need damage repairs to your screen, battery replacement, power adapter, RAM, etc. It basically covers all aspects of your Mac. The only thing not under the coverage is in the event of theft or loss.

Is It Worth It?

It all depends on you and what your budget allows. Let’s take a quick look at some of the benefits and drawbacks of buying into this program. This should hopefully make it easier for you to make up you mind on whether it is worth it or not.



  • Reassuarance – By purchasing this coverage for your Mac, iPad or iPhone, you have complete peace of mind that if any of your devices malfunction with the span of 3 years, they can easily be repaired or replaced at a much cheaper cost than you would have had to if you didn’t have it.
  • Guaranteed coverage – There is no doubt that Apple Care offers superior coverage for your devices. Plus, the customer service offered is top-notch especially if you now one of these protection plans.
  • Accident Security – The thing about accidents is that you can never know when they will happen. You could either drop your device on the floor breaking it or in water and fry it completely. Alternatively, you may even end up with a software virus infection which could damage your hard drive, for example. And in such cases, it is usually as a result of transferring or downloading data carelessly without knowing if it is malware free or not. This is why you should always own one of the best usb c docking station in the market, such as the one made by Lention. These accessories will allow you to expand your Mac’s connectivity ports and transfer data seamlessly between devices, lowering the risk of an infected or corrupted file passing through. However, sometimes this is still unavoidable, which is where having coverage comes in handy.


  • The cost – The main issue with this protection plan is that it does not come cheap. It is priced at about $300 which is quite a significant amount of money to pay upfront. Plus you may still end up having to pay some small charges for repairs even after. And while it is definitely cheaper than having to purchase a whole new Mac due to damage, it still quit the expensive ask to start with.
  • Loss or theft not covered – One of the biggest worries about owning an expensive Mac, is that there is always the risk of loss or theft. This is especially true if you are someone who is constantly carrying your device everywhere. For example, remotely working in coffee shops, moving from class to class on campus, attending meetings in different locations, etc. And AppleCare does not cover your device if it does get stolen, which is a major disadvantage, especially after paying so much money upfront.

3 year coverage –  Macs are designed to last long time. However, the problem with AppleCare is that it only valid for 3 years. And the thing is the longer you own your device, the more likely it is is to start having issues or end up in an accident. So, while 3 years sounds like a fair amount of time, it’s unlikely that your Mac will give you any major issues, until the 4th year at least. This makes the 3 year coverage almost useless, especially for such a huge sum of money. It should probably be a coverage that lasts 5 years to be safe, but that’s just our opinion.