The video conferencing app Zoom has seen an increase in sign up activity in 2020, with 2.22 million users now actively using the tech. Video conferencing technology brings many benefits to the workplace, including allowing colleagues to collaborate with the screen share feature, and enabling smaller discussion groups to gather during meetings with breakout rooms. However, this tech has now made its way into mainstream living, as have many other popular business tools.

Online Learning

The technology once reserved for business meetings has now made its way into mainstream schooling. Teachers have reached out to video conferencing to teach their students from kindergarten to University. In addition to this, project management tools such as Trello have also shown to be useful for teachers, allowing them to plan coursework, share assignments and organize classes. The tool also allows students and parents to leave comments or questions. Google classroom and web apps such as Seesaw have enabled students to upload work for teachers, as well as allow teachers to track the progress of students. Parents can also engage with teachers and view work uploaded. This revolutionary tech and software which was often once used for businesses is now being used to revitalize the educational system.

Virtual Events

Video conferencing is a popular application for business meetings and conferences. However, it is now being used for regular events such as parties, social clubs, graduation ceremonies, and even weddings. New York signed an executive order in May 2020 to allow couples to marry using Zoom, and many embraced the opportunity. Couples are saving money on party size, but are also able to greet and speak with all of the guests – something that can be difficult during a real wedding. Additionally, the breakout rooms feature allows attendees to socialize separately from the main party, which is great for guests who have not been in contact for a long time. The use of the app also allows people to attend who may not have normally been able to make it due to inability to travel or illness.

Video Hosting

Video sharing applications like YouTube and Vimeo are often used by businesses to deliver instructional videos or training courses. With the closure of gyms, many people have begun to use video streaming services to promote and take part in exercise videos from home. YouTube’s improved subscriber notifications allow people to see when there is a new workout video available from their favorite channel. The app also has a livestream facility; therefore, everyone can follow the workout at the same time, making it feel closer to a real class. YouTube also has a parental controls mode, allowing children to access their favorite videos safely. Vimeo has similar features, which are ideal for home use, along with an abundance of storage and high-quality videos that make for a more professional appearance. It also has uninterrupted video viewing as it is ad-free, making it ideal for longer sessions.

The need for people to connect will always be present, making business software ideal for home use. Technological advances have been revolutionary in helping people to carry on with their lives as close to normal as possible during challenging times.