User Experience and User Interface are fundamental elements in the development of websites and applications that have the ability to make or break the potential of your digital business.

In this short read, you will find out the difference between UI and UX as well as how a great User Experience & User Interface can help your business grow and become a market leader within your industry.

The difference between UX & UI

UX refers to user experience whereas UI stands for user interface.

While both are completely different elements of web and app development, they are crucial to the success of your digital business and can hardly go without each other.

UX (User Experience)

In regards to websites and applications, user experience refers to the overall experience and the feeling that the user is getting from browsing an application or a website.

One of the best ways to determine whether your application or website has a good UX is to do data analysis and ask the following question: How quickly and effectively was the user able to achieve their objective?

For example, if your application was offering taxi services, how fast did your client manage to order a taxi and were there any challenges in the process of doing so?

UI (User Interface)

When websites and applications are concerned, UI refers to the look and feel as well as the presentation and interactivity of the platform. User Interface is responsible for making the navigation through the website or application easier and smoother. This will help the user reach the destinations that they have in mind, regardless of the device that they are using.

To determine whether the UI of the platform is good, data analysis should be conducted to find out if the platform has successfully managed to provide the consumer with what they were looking for.

Why is UI/UX essential?

Great UI & UX are essential when it comes to growing your business on the internet.

“Both elements are the core factors that can make or break your website/app’s potential for success on the market. Customised UX/UI strategies are winning the competition and help converting faster, and better” says Melewi, the Singapore web-design agency.

Let’s find out how and why good UI/UX is so important for your business?

User Satisfaction

A poor UI/UX can very easily push away your usersfrom your website or application forever.

On the flip side, if your business is genuinely a great addition to a person’s life, when you offer them a fantastic and easy to use platform, they will be satisfied and will remember the great experience. This will make them a returning customer which will likely increase their lifetime value, making your business more money.

Improved Brand Value

Your product or service may often not be enough to keep a consumer satisfied.

With your competitors being one click away from stealing your customers, it is more important than ever to think of new and creative ways to add value to your customers while they are browsing your website or application.

An example that would help a digital business provide additional brand value to their customers would be micro-interactions within the platform.

Due to the seemingly irrelevant importance of brand value beyond your product or service, by simply offering a flawless online shopping experience, your customers will come back to you rather than your competitors for more the next time they need what you have to offer.

Faster Conversions

If you shop on the internet on a regular basis, chances are that you have accessed a repulsive and poorly designed website with a complicated checkout process. Bad user experience and unorganised website structure is the fastest way to missing out on new customers and their business.

On the other hand, when proving your users with a flawless UI/UX that makes their shopping experience easy and quick, they will come to your website, complete their purchase and leave within minutes, leaving everyone satisfied.

Customer Loyalty

In a competitive environment like the internet, allowing everyone to purchase virtually from anywhere in the world, customer loyalty will become crucial to the sustainable growth of your business.

So, you are probably wondering how UI & UX are relevant to customer loyalty. Did you know that over 75% of purchasing decisions are solely based on colours?

Therefore, a well-planned and researched UI/UX will help your business grow at a sustainable and consistent rate. One of the best ways to ensure that your business will be thriving is to provide not only a great product or service but a great user experience at all times, across all different types of devices.