Your family member was in this business function with coworkers and all of a sudden he goes missing. Rather, you might be a potential investor wanting to put your money into a company, but you require the down-to-earth information of the proceedings and how the management handles their operations. In both situations, you’ll require personal contact details of the employees to give you the ‘Intel’ of what will seem to help you in your investigations.

Well, you can’t storm in their offices, if you know the exact location, and start ranting your grievances or begin asking questions walking from room to room like you own the place. You got to be smart with your approach, so how is that possible?

Most of the companies have social handles that help them interact with the public easily. Either an account on LinkedIn, a Facebook page, Twitter handle, or even a Gmail account. With this in mind, you’d have a high chance of accessing the employees via an email finder. Examples like SignalHire and Email Hunter are some doing a good job in the market. Using either, you can make finding an email address of a particular employee easier.

How to Acquire Employee Email Addresses

As easy as it might sound, without having good and reliable software, your chances of success can be very minimal. An Email finder is a platform offered to the clients who need to extract email addresses of any individuals. For our case here, it aids in getting contacts of the employees from a company. To kick-off, we need to set the record straight in terms of which is the best one out there. SignalHire is recognized for the properties like:
● Fast, almost accurate, and reliable search results
● Issuing of adverse choices
● Ability to keep the search results history
● The feature of exporting the contacts received (in a paid version)
● Working in several social media platforms-Gmail, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Now that we know what we should go for, we must know how to use it right. There are procedures to follow to acquire employees’ contact details which we will mention later in the article. To add to what wonders this software works, the time to navigate through the SignalHire product is as quick as a click of a button. Results pop up very fast and you’ll be good to go. You will be surprised how much information you can get from this platform as it offers an extra phone number as well as making the process of contacting them even easier. You can then start preparing your interview questions as you plan to call them one by one. So what do you have to do?

Steps to Finding an Email Address

You need to get the extension in your PC by downloading it from the official website, installing it, adding it to your browser, logging in to your social media account (LinkedIn, Facebook….), activating the software. Since we’re dealing with employees in our scenario, you are required to locate emails of companies which will be interesting for you.

Out of all the options you have, find corporate email address, and settle at it because that will be your first step. Unlike a Phone finder where you might require the IMEI number of the device and some GPS to get the location of the device, this platform is rather simpler. The only things you need to start with is the exact name of the company, some data, and a subscription. Speaking of subscriptions, it is quite affordable and offers different flexible packages depending on how often you use it. You can choose either to pay annually or monthly.

After pinning the company’s email address and clicking to search, you will get a long list of email addresses. The results of your search will contain up-to-date contact details of the employees that are verified. These email addresses will have been obtained from every corner of the web. Pick out the specific ones you needed and end the search. If you forgot any or didn’t have the exact number that you required, you can always get back to the history section and select an extra one.

You can as well modify your human resources interview questions on SignalHire to have easy access to them whenever they are required. For clarity purposes, you can always go back to any of your social media platforms or any search engine and get more information on the employees before getting to the interview section-it’ll be a bonus for you and will help you to structure your interview questions properly.


While it can be quite stressful or difficult to get contacts of employees in a company, you can never go wrong with email finding software. The ability to reduce your hassle and time in obtaining quality results and additionally being able to keep all the records from previous searches sells off.

Do you want to obtain email addresses of employees at a company? How do you plan to go about it? Leave a comment.