Up to a few years ago, jailbreaking was the best way of getting third-party apps and games on your iPhone or iPad. These days, not everyone can install a jailbreak and what utilities we do have are semi-untethered. Add to that the fact that not everyone wanted to jailbreak their devices anyway, which led to several developers providing solutions in the form of unofficial app stores. There are lots to choose from, but one of the more popular is called CokernutX – recently released, it is now in use by more than a million people across the world.

How to Download CokernutX:

You won’t find this in the app store, but you can directly install the configuration  profile onto your device:

  1. Use Safari browser to go to the CokernutX download page.
  2. Tap the configuration profile link to download it and then tap on Install to confirm the installation
  3. Wait for the app icon to appear on your home page, and then the app is installed.
  4. Tap the icon, and you will see an Untrusted Developer error – this must be fixed before you can use the app.
  5. Open Settings > General and go into Profiles.
  6. Find and tap the Developer name and tap on Trust.
  7. Close Settings, CokernutX is ready to use

What is CokernutX?

CokernutX is one of the newest third-party app installers. Over the last few years,  lots have been released as alternatives to Cydia, but now they are slowly taking over from the official app store. CokernutX offers a diverse range of modified games , apps, and tweaks, all for free.

You might ask why you need an alternative store when the app store offers millions of apps and games, but the difference is, none of the official app store apps are modified, and you need your Apple ID to purchase or download them.  With CokernutX, you don’t, and that means Apple cannot track you using it. One more benefit of CokernutX is that there are no geo-restrictions – all apps and games are available to everyone, no matter where they live or what restrictions are in place.

CokernutX Features

CokernutX is a feature-packed app store and offers users these cool features:

  • Free – you will never pay for the installer or for any content in it
  • No need to jailbreak – CokernutX is designed to work without a jailbreak so anyone can use it. And you don’t need your Apple ID either – your data and device are kept secure, and you can download your apps and games in total privacy.
  • User-friendly – the easy app to use
  • Plenty of unofficial content – modified apps, unlocked games, tweaks, emulators, and much, much more
  • SSL encryption – ensures your downloads and data are completely safe
  • Good device support – works on all iOS devices, including those on iOS 14
  • Lots more features

Frequently Asked Questions

Being a third-party app store, we expect to get some questions asked about it. These are the more frequently asked questions about CokernutX:

What is CokernutX?

A third-party app store offering a choice of more than 5000 apps, games, tweaks, and more for the iPhone and iPad. Many have been modified, and the number of apps grows regularly.

Is it Free?

Yes, completely free, and you will never pay for any of the content, either.

What About a Jailbreak?

No, you do not need to jailbreak to use CokernutX, and neither do you need to provide your Apple ID – the single restriction is that you must be using iOS 8 or above.

Is There a Way of Contacting the App Developers?

Yes, via their official Twitter account. Here, you can get all the latest news, request apps, and report any problems with CokernutX.

How Do You Figure Out Which Apps to Include?

When the app store was first developed, we only included the most popular games and apps. Over time, as interest in the store has grown, we have redeveloped it to include many more apps and games, providing users with everything they want for free.

Is Advertising Allowed?

No, we are very strict on this – no advertising apps are allowed into the store. We do have a couple of ads in the app, but these are how we make our money so that you can get the app store for free, and they will not interfere with your app experience.

Is Republishing Allowed?

Absolutely. CokernutX is open-source, and we allow you to republish anything you want.

Why CokernutX is a Must-Have Store

CokernutX may be a new third-party app store, but it is certainly proving popular. And not just to ex-jailbreakers, either; millions of users are turning to it as an alternative to the official store, free to use and with plenty of modified content to download it. With no need to jailbreak and no need to provide your Apple ID, it is also one of the safest apps, so try it now, completely free.