People usually can sustain their attention on something for just 8 seconds, research suggests. When you run a website for your company, you should consider this fact. You can use these first few seconds of a user’s visit to your site to get a hold of their attention before they decide there’s nothing on the site for them and move on, inevitably looking at your competitors. In other words, a professionally developed and designed company website will help you substantially emphasize the actual value of your business. This will be clear to users as soon as they land.

According to research, about 50% of all World Wide Web users state that website design is the fundamental reason for their decision on whether they should trust a company or not. Therefore, your company should have a website that’s not only engaging and interesting to your audience, but also is able to have a long-term positive impact on the reputation of your firm. 

When a website provides good looking and attractive design and content of all sorts, users may return to take a look at it on multiple occasions. And even when there’s no particular value in some of the content, people still like feasts for their eyes. It is also essential to make an excellent first impression as quickly as possible because it usually forms within the first 50 milliseconds. So your site has to look aesthetically impeccable from the very first screen, banner, words, letters, or whatever you have at the top of your website’s first page. 

A good website has to be functional. Today’s world has created people who live fast-paced lifestyles. It, in turn, affects user experience trends. In other words, a website has to load fast, provide all the necessary functions, and have relevant and useful content at its disposal. All of these are critical aspects of a site’s successful online performance and maintaining high web traffic. 

To get a hold of all the things mentioned above, you will have to find and hire a reliable and professional web design agency that can fulfill your needs. Hiring an agency is a critical part of this entire process because only these professionals can create spectacular, custom-made websites that draw traffic and boost conversions. Let’s take a look at how a reputed web design agency can help increase your site’s traffic. 

Logical Site Arrangement

One of the essential things on any website is navigation. Visitors should understand the site easily and be able to look around it without confusion, especially when they search for something specific. Navigation affects a website on many levels. 

Search engines, such as Google, always take website navigation into consideration. Confusing, too complicated and tangled navigation will not help your site advance its position. Even as smart as they are today, search engines may have trouble understanding your website’s depth and value because of inadequate navigation. Moreover, unclear structuring can result in unindexed pages. 

Navigation has a significant impact on user experience. If visitors can’t move around your website without confusion, they will wander off and look for other companies that provide similar products and services. You might want to consider using a tool that provides “website clickmaps” to analyze how individuals are using your site and what you can learn from this. The web overflows with sites, so there is no trouble finding another company in your niche that does it better if you don’t take proper care of your audience’s needs. 

A professional and experienced web design agency will first categorize all your content. The agency will split the content into several main groups that will subsequently get arranged into a particular hierarchy, depending on your site’s goals. This way, you will be able to introduce your site’s visitors to a specific type of content. Web design agency specialists will arrange the material in such a way that it will help visitors get a more in-depth understanding of your business message and deals from various sides. 

The agency will make use of internal links to ensure  that all content within the website is interrelated. By placing links to helpful pages in a particular category, your site will help users move through it. Each type links typically to other kinds at the top levels. Such an approach helps to create a more coherent website hierarchy, thus improving user experience, which leads to user retention, higher traffic, and increased client conversion rates. 

Then the agency incorporates the hierarchy into the site’s navigation buttons. Website menus should distinctly explain their content categories and not overload the visitors with more than several words. You may also talk to your web design agency on the matter of uploading a site map to the search engine, which will provide it with additional data for your site structure’s comprehension and processing. The better the search engine understands your website, the higher the traffic. 

It’s also crucial to make sure that the agency you consider hiring will make your website responsive. In other words, you want it to display correctly on mobile devices. Mobile users should be able to see and use your website like it was an app on their devices. Because mobile users have already become the dominant source of web traffic, if you neglect site responsiveness, you are going to miss out on a massive chunk of your target audience. 

Proper Use of White Spaces 

Using white spaces doesn’t mean you’re wasting space available on your web page. When designing your site, your agency will discuss with you all of your and its ideas to make sure that the final decision has a specific flow to it. You want the eyes of your website’s visitors to be directed in a particular way, so they process clearly what they see. 

As research suggests, people scan whatever material they run across. White spaces help dilute all the data stream and to not let your site get overcrowded with text, images, links, etc. Crammed up web content intervenes into users’ scanning capabilities, preventing them from understanding the message communicated through the website. They get overwhelmed. 

From the aesthetic point of view, pages overloaded with content don’t look appealing. They look like too much to handle. People often get confused, trying to figure out what they offer and what’s the benefit of the offer for them. Hence, they leave such websites for good. And what’s the result? That’s right – ultimately the decrease of web traffic. 

Now, as a business owner, you must have at least some idea of what you want to convey to your audience. You may even have some content drafts for your future website. Make sure to communicate all of it to the agency you work with. The design company will use white spaces to make all of the content as digestible as possible for your target audience. Each page’s content will be directly related to the goal of that particular page. All the information that doesn’t support this goal should be either relocated to other pages or removed from the site altogether. 

Making sure that your visitors correctly perceive your content increases your chances at their conversion into clients. 


By creating and launching a consistent and clear website aimed at your target audience, you are ensuring an excellent potential for high web traffic. The thing is there’s too much to consider, and that you can easily overlook if you’re not a web design professional. Moreover, it’s too much for one individual to  handle alone. Hence, the only logical solution here is hiring a web design agency that has had experience in various niches, with multiple techniques, platforms, etc. It would help if you had a team of experts that are able to create a consistent and reliable website for your business that will attract online users who can become your customers. The higher the web traffic, the better the chances of converting visitors to clients.