Do you want to protect your home and the people you love the most with a smart home security system? Not only do they detect burglars, but they do so much more. These kinds of systems keep you connected with your home wherever you are in the world giving you peace of mind.

There are plenty of options on the market out there and as I was reading the Canary home security review, I was amazed with its features. If you are looking to buy one read more to find everything that you should know about it and see whether it matches your preferences.

What’s going on in your home?

The Canary home security system uses a video surveillance technology that offers you real-time footage of your home. It knows when you are away and sends you notifications when it notices something suspicious. When you are at home it stops monitoring automatically, so you won’t have to remember any difficult codes in order to deactivate it. You can even schedule it to monitor when you are sleeping and there is a privacy feature that blocks the microphone and the camera as well when you want to. It detects and distinguishes between motions and people, so it will immediately send you photos whether it’s your pet that is moving around or a foe.

Is it hard to install?

This is the question that you should ask yourselves next when reviewing the key features of a home security system. You won’t find the Canary home security system installation complicated at all and it can be installed super quickly by just plugging it or inserting batteries.

Can I connect it to my mobile phone?

Yes, you can watch a live streaming and see what’s happening inside and outside your home in a HD video 24 hours a day. What’s more, it will send you alert notifications when it detects a certain motion.

Does it take emergency actions?

If there’s an emergency, you can immediately sound a siren or call the police right from the app.

Does it have home health technology?

It will monitor the temperature, humidity and the air quality on your home and it will inform you if the conditions are not normal.

Are there more security packages?

If you are interested in buying the Canary home security system, you can browse through three different packs: Starter Pack, Total Home Pack and Outdoor Security Pack. They are offering the chance to choose the best deal for the size of your area and the things you want to secure.

When it comes to equipment, you can purchase Canary Pro, Canary View, Canary Flex and Secure, Twist and Stake Mount.

Make sure you see the price, the one-year premium service price and the two-year premium service price before you make a decision.


If you like the features of this home security system and you are seriously considering to buy it just go ahead and get it. You have a trial period of 60 days, after which you can get your money back in case you are not satisfied with its service.