Digital nomads are a growing professional group. Globe-trotting across tax domains and physical locations is one thing, but keeping the accounts straight into the bargain is a big task. With 82% of small business failures in the U.S. attributed to cash management issues, mobile professionals need to keep on top of their invoices, wherever they are.

The good news is that invoicing doesn’t have to be difficult or complicated. No matter how aggressive the sales pitch is, the fact is that no expensive software or specialist intervention is necessary to keep the books tidy. This is especially for digital nomads, who are usually sole traders or independent contractors. The only essentials for remote work are accurate information, the same old workhorse laptop and dependable tech and software.

Invoice Templates in MS Word

The chances are that most successful professionals are already using the MS Word software, whether to compose documents, write up reports or create templates of their own. What some people might not be aware of, is that the program itself offers free templates for invoicing. Use a timeless design that looks as though it comes from an office when really the ‘accounts department’ is in a hammock in Bali. The MS Office template catalogue also offers more specific tools for invoicing, like sales invoices or service invoice templates. If you want a free invoice template Word is the place to start looking, just search the templates with the word ‘invoice’.

Some career advice sites have also made over a dozen multi-purpose invoice templates and a checklist of everything that needs to be included. Their resources provide a way for digital nomads to cut an unnecessary corner. The downloadable templates will work directly with MS Word, and they allow custom information to be added. They have a wide range of invoice templates, so they are a good choice if presentation is key.

Reminder Templates for Invoices

Once the invoices are sent, the next step in good cash management is making sure that you get paid. Many small businesses, including digital nomads, find that getting clients to pay up isn’t as simple as sending the invoice off. Some clients will need to be reminded. It is possible to keep an eye on this through your calendar with reminders and alarms, but typing out a new reminder email every time you need to nudge a customer can eat into your time. Fluidly has made several, graded payment reminder templates that you can use to make sure you get paid. The templates are professional but to the point, you just have to add the names and dates.

Keep In Touch Tools

Last but not least for digital nomads managing cash flow is a telephony app. Sometimes, no matter how good the template or the reminder is, a contractor will just have to get on the phone. Even without dealing with different time zones, this can be a pain. Dialing codes, access and the fact that digital nomads rarely have a landline all hinder the process. This is where a telephony app like Signal, WhatsApp, Skype or Telegram is vital. You can make calls to landline numbers without the need to have one yourself, and where necessary, you can chase up your overdue invoices.

Managing your business when you’re on the move can be a breeze with a few simple tools. Every digital nomad is different, just like every client. Luckily, solutions to global stumbling blocks can be simple. Using free tools to help avoid common pain points should be a no-brainer. Save yourself some time and start working smarter, not harder, on your business journey.